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What is a webstore?
A Webstore is a special type of web site that offers businesses the ability to publish their entire product catalog on the Internet, and accept orders for those products directly from customers shopping on the Web. Information about products including descriptions, pricing, photographs and more are all available to their customers through their Webstore.

What is NorthWestMall.com?
NorthWestMall.com is one of several "virtual mall" web sites provided by Designer Visuals. NorthWestMall is dedicated to the promotion of businesses located in the NorthWest section of the United States. All of the businesses located in this section of the USA that have signed up for a web site with Designer Visuals can be found in NorthWestMall.com

What if I already have a website?
Many companies already have websites out on the Web, but a surprising majority of these websites do not have the capability to accept product orders directly from the customers through the Internet. They rely on the customer either calling the business (even though the web is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), or filling out an order form that the customer is supposed to print out, complete and mail! This is not likely to happen, not as much as a transaction completed at the exact moment when the customer is ready to buy. Much of the buying that is being done over the Internet by customers are "impulse" buys. Can your website accept orders from the Internet? If not, talk to us about getting set up with your very own Webstore, today!

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